Silicon Photonics Design – From Devices to Systems

by Lukas Chrostowski and Michael Hochberg

Online Resources

Example scripts (Lumerical Solutions, Matlab, Mentor Graphics) are available at the following link: GitHub download page

Automated probe station, download software in MATLAB, and Python on GitHub.

Book Description

From design and simulation through to testing and fabrication, this hands-on introduction to silicon photonics engineering equips students with everything they need to begin creating foundry-ready designs. In-depth discussion of real-world issues and fabrication challenges ensures that students are fully equipped for careers in industry. Step-by-step tutorials, straightforward examples, and illustrative source code fragments guide students through every aspect of the design process, providing a practical framework for developing and refining key skills. Offering industry-ready expertise, the text supports existing PDKs for CMOS UV-lithography foundry services (ePIXfab, imec, LETI, IME, CMC, EBeam lithography) and the development of new kits for proprietary processes and clean-room based research. Accompanied by additional online resources to support students, this is the perfect learning package for senior undergraduate and graduate students studying silicon photonics design, and academic and industrial researchers involved in the development and manufacture of new silicon photonics systems.

The book is published by Cambridge University Press in 2015:


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